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Parker Hose

Parker Hose, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Dealers in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Perfect Hydraulics India is well know trusted brand in Pune we Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealer of Parker Hose in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We serve trusted quality Parker Hose in affordable price. We offer variety of Parker Hose that are highly demanded for industrial and commercial purposes.

We are also an authorized dealer for hose brand like PARKER, POLY HOSE, GATES, and Aeroflex, and many more, in Pune , Maharashtra, india

We manufacturer Parker Hose best material and under inspection of our expert and give quality service to our clients as per demand and requirement.

What is a parker hose?

A parker hose conveys hydraulic fluid to or between hydraulic components. Components include valves, tools, and actuators. Parker hose is usually flexible and reinforced. Hose is often made up of several layers of reinforcement. ... The hoses are flexible enough to bend around corners and fit in tight spaces. Parker hose is used in a variety of industrial hydraulic systems. Dimensions, performance specifications, construction options, and features are important parameters to consider when searching for parker hose.
Important dimensions for the selection of parker hose include the inside diameter, outside diameter, and minimum bend radius. Parker hose sizes are denoted by the inside and outside diameter of the hose. The inside diameter refers to the inside of the hose or liner. The outside diameter is often a nominal specification for hoses of corrugated or pleated construction. Minimum bend radius is based on a combination of acceptable hose cross-section deformation and mechanical bending limit of any reinforcement.
Construction options for parker hose include reinforced, coiled, corrugated, or convoluted. Reinforced hose is constructed with some element of reinforcement—styles include textile braid, wire braid, wire helix, and other designs in many ply or layer configurations. Coiled hose is coiled for flexibility and elasticity. This feature often makes it expandable and easy to store. Corrugated hose contains corrugations, pleats, or spiral convolutions to increase flexibility and capacity for compression and elongation. Multi-element parker hoses are constructed of more than one hose formed or adhered together in a flat, ribbon, or bundled configuration. Additional features to consider include integral end connections, anti-static, lay flat, crush-proof, flame-resistant, and explosion-proof.